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Year: 2013
Genre: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi
Director: Ari Folman
Starring: Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, Jon Hamm

Aging, out-of-work actress takes one last job, even though the consequences of their decisions affect the manner not even considered.
By Linda Winsh-BolardIsraeli Director Ari Folman is best known for Waltz with Bashir, an animated film with moral questions.Dont expect nothing similar.Congress is a free adaptation of a novel by Stanislaw Lem. Lem imagined a society under a dictatorship, either locally or globally is not clear in the film, where the ruling class lives in the real world and most people subject to poverty and fear. The rest of the people spend their lives chemically induced sleep. In his dream can decide who they are and where they are, and your consciousness in reaction to a chemical that carries colorful, surreal world combined shots dreams.Ari Fulman their ancient history film actress Robin Wright ( playing), after celebrating more options very lucky, irresponsible and hurt and ended up with a few options. Robin, who has two children, a daughter and a son with disabilities ambitious, decide to leave the study to image analysis used in all kinds of computer generated films.Some twenty Robin drives a Porsche Cayman on a desert city Abrahama in a city where everyone, with a bottle of chemicals, it becomes an animated character, some of them, some of the others. Your reality is actually chemically induced only their perception of adventure and Robin world.The ends badly frozen to be revived if the technology is available to help. It takes decades and when he wakes up, the world is a movie next idea comics.The colorful Lem's vague, but not really a dark side to the other side of this film Painting.The is clean. In particular, when the characters are in the real world of monologues and dialogues are very long, often explanatory and were cut and color down.Stripped Lems vision of the future, the story becomes a journey a devoted mother to her son with disabilities. Robin seems to expect everyone to go to his need to be with their children and to be with his son. I realized that reality. Waiting Robins and also in self-obsession writing sacrifice a mother Shift intended.It irritated me that Robin was so clearly thinks it is so special for many when I could not find anything special in it. I'm tired of stories of poor luck had trouble handling their fate. ? Would you rather be poor and unknown Lems dictatorship philosophy that keeps people in the supply them drug-induced dreams is complicated: film states that once the chemical is inhaled, it ceases to exist in the world true, in this case, does not evaporate bodies? Not equal crime, Robin returned with another chemical, so what is it? There is no labor shortage in the real world, though many are there? Who decides to stay and endure poverty, homelessness and hard work? Why? And what dictators use these chemicals? It could reduce the enemy, but will be difficult to run a company with few people able it.About mid acted film, animated environment. Drama, the film is full of stars, it is generally good, although as I said, heavy lines, sound plenty cumbersome and unnecessary UT players did better than most would be .. Robin is Al aloof and distant, his agent (Harvey Keitel), an old handler, Paul Giamatti doctor know and so on. I heard that Tom Cruise played no wind Ferrante lost the best part.The's animation is colorful, lush springs and adds to confusion within the meaning of Avatar. Number of characters apparently just touch along the bottom followers.Exploring Robin and his strength of mind and policy lose much of it. However, if you like the combination of animation and action-science conspiracy ficcióny just might work for you.Directed by: Ari Folman Posted: Stanislaw Lem (novel), Ari Folman (adaptation), Camera: Michal Englert Stars: Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, Jon Hamm, Paul Giamatti, Danny Huston and other