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Year: 2012
Genre: Drama
Director: Jeff Nichols
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Jacob Lofland

Two boys find a fugitive and agreement form to help escape the bounty hunters on a encalçoe together with your true love.
Two boys make their way down the Mississippi River on an island where you can find a boat in a tree, but soon realized that they are not alone. A mysterious man ELA island, and if you find it, will fix a lot of movies adventure serious.The Mississippi River. It dominates this film because it is dominated by the main character in the movie életéta. This is not a film about small-town America. There is a small town where everyone knows everyone, but most of the action takes place in the city, the river and the desert ecosystem of the river today. The people who run two boy of fourteen years, andthe family in uncertain Ela River. Life is tough, but people are hardworking, honest and reasonable. If Mark Twain had written and never seduced by doing comics, these are the people he writes about. In fact, this film is not homage to Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn is based on a childhood friend named Mark Twains Tom Blankenship, the name of a character in the film. The film is essentially a modern genre.The up-date of two boys playing brilliant Ty Sheridan and Jacob Lofland. The characters are fourteen years old, hard, and mature environment. The two actors who look natural and credible in their roles. Chris Pine was originally took the role of the mysterious stranger, and blue eyes andthe youthful, I will look attractive and charismatic when he met the boys. I'm sure he wants him a well-written movie. However Pines Matthew McConaugheys lost profits. Robinson Crusoe ever. I doubt that Pine can play this, and McConaughey, the role of Elah. Actor? This guy looks like he is not doing anything, but Ela River all his life. I think actually live on the island. If it is best to eat baked beans Oscar, he did it! A thoroughly convincing performance! All the performances were great. Not only minister McConaughey two boys, but also supporting cast. At first you're not sure who's in the family. It seems a little cold, but the film's last flourish characters. Each reliable. The role of women, three strong and well developed. The beautiful Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde stars like Sharon Stone Casino, showing that he can play in the gritty role. Actress Bonnie Sturdivant youngest boys, you need to correct. Large old actor, Sam Shepard, who played a role in some depth, and it was nice to see Joe Don Baker, a throne role.All Color játszottáka convincing role. As he said, life is hard, but these people are just talking to the occasional home movie philosophy said.This simple weaving beautiful shot, nice bright colors. This river was filmed in love, as well as lifestyle. This film is a tribute to life andthe River. Although we see a beautiful river scene, we see scenes of urban decay grittier andthe andthe residue negligence. All filmed well.The UK 12A rating of this film, although this reviewer thinks it is not suitable for anyone under 14 years old. There are many different threads and themes of the film, and it's not clear what will be solved. Friendship, family, life andthe death, love and violence all explored. Adult themes not hidden. Boys try to figure out the truth and act accordingly. The film is seen in their eyes. However, we also see a little more of the boys to see. What is the truth? What to do? The truth is not so clear, clear as mud, perhaps. No real judgment of the judiciary or the characters and their decisions. Life is too rich and complex to simple types verdict.So end of the film, a boy of fourteen years also learn something, etc. Therefore, it is possible to be. 10/10.