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Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy
Director: Bob Odenkirk
Starring: Liev Schreiber, Emma Stone, Richard Gere

A series of interconnected short after producer failed as he throws crazy arguments offered by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.
through the film .... that most dont see the pun, because they are so worried, shocked and overwhelmed by its grotesque politically incorrect graphics and low-brow GAGs. Jokes, as expected, has a dark dirty, vulgar humor that would make it easier for weak stomachs throw up with anxiety quickly set up, if not go for an action film. I loved the clean and simple. And no, I do not know, nor filmmakers did not pay I say .. I could just as well have a dirty mind, so as to give ... Glory to the director that the theater where most widely used. a real breath of fresh air if you smell something putrid in the trash, but no value, as it can be for those who choose to go against the flow, as it does film, you can make your brain at the door and take it all in ... If you are looking for an art film, or Licoln or light sweet romantic comedy or something spiritually stimulating film, which is to participate in any kind of intellectual conversation over a cup of coffee after watching this boo, r reviews Here we hint . You may want to completely dismiss this film ... clearly was not made for you. Otherwise, if you're in the gutter humor ... you will cry for you gut pain or your fear of guilt laughed so vulgar stupidity sets in.