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Year: 2013
Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley

Set in the year 2154, when a very rich man living Space Station, while the rest of the population lives destroyed Earth, and the man takes a journey that could bring equality to the multipolar world.
To obtain the most important works of science fiction spacecraft, another planet, or in the new manager Neil Blomkamp dystopian wall for which the two countries will be the space between the earth ay diseased-ridden Mercedes-Benz logo on the space station on the visible, Elysium.On works Elysium , that is, a beautiful house, beautiful children, and engines to get better, no matter what you do, you will also be briefly MRI, or a broken arm, is a life-threatening disease. -Nots are back in the land he lived life difficult not unlike the one in the film portrayed before Blomkamp, ​​District 9 great. For the oppressed aliens in Johannesburg, this whole planet. LA lives in a desert in the year 2154 Max (Matt Damon) is a kind heart of gold, as reported in the way too much and it was special that flashback. Jodie Foster is running the show at Elysium government officials that one of the paradise that keep floating safe killing all who seek enter.When suitable circumstances and bring too much resistance in the act of moving Damon Foster was born with little effort and a piece of history as it prepares to introduce a character from Alice Braga puzzle in the familiar story. For, as the memorial of the poor and the rich are evil for the greater good of the team only drawback, and also feels all meet together. And they all in one way or the separation between the ability of the put himself at the head. If you know more sci-fi, or even the film, you will see everywhere there.The school picnic is good for you to keep you busy enough, especially with the slightly off the character played by Sharlto Copley Kruger appropriate. For what have I truly world building, and the room was wonderful, I say the visual really amazing. You want a simple robot to 30 - years, fleeing the violence of the space ship, visual effects artists actually making the film look beautiful. It needs some work, storytelling and combat scenes Writer / Director Blomkamp. Or perhaps he would not have been a steady-cam crowd Damon Bourne films to shoot many of his sci-fi classics of action.The almost always have a certain social Bible as told through the prism of fiction. Self, which we do, that others may to us, what we are able to follow the rules of a society of blind. Unfortunately, the Elysium is the classic one of those that should come to pass, but still I hope that reminds you of the power of these types of movies and the film Blomkamp, ​​he gives us another with his neighbor - Robert L. Castillo http. / / The2cinemen.blogspot.com /