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Extended Tips and Technology

Tonfa Baton Tutorial - Learn an effective method of reaction training using the popular defensive tool - THE TONFA BATON. Your reactions will be honed in no time at all!

Sword Fighting Tutorial - Learn the moves that helped make Dark Prophecy, Two Knights Ago and the Highlander Advert good!No.1 on a google search for 'sword fighting tutorial'!

My View on Film Making (Handy Hints) - Grant tells all, about his film-making procedures With lots of little helpful hints!

Blood Effects Pages - Once again Grant delivers, and this time on the different styles of film and theatre blood makeup.  These ideas have been used in, well.....every film!!

View the Effects for:    Udds Armageddon    Dangerous Dan Jones    The I-Team Project FUBAR


Effects used in Udds Armageddon

Pistol Flamer

Flame Thrower Pyro in Grants Face!

Udd Tank Killer Bazooka Tank Firing a Shell

1. Turning an Excel into a Tank 2. Cutting Cardboard and Gearing Up 3. Soldiers Beside their Homemade Tank

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Technology used in Dangerous Dan Jones

Building of the Rope Bridge The Completed 20 metre Bridge Testing Filming on the Bridge (4 metre drop)

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Effects used in The I-Team: Project FUBAR

Squib effect on the Arm

Explosive Valley!!

Squib effect

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Effects from the Sick Individual team can also be seen in other Australian films.
Grant is ready to help other film-makers and has done so in the past. Such films include:

The Oregon Path - Aust. Vietnamese Youth Media 2003


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